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  • How Low Should I Set My Thermostat While Away on Vacation?

  • You should keep the thermostat set high enough so that the basement is well above freezing in the winter. Pipes are in the basement, so keeping a warm temperature will help prevent pipes from freezing, then bursting. To be safe, you should expect the basement to be about 10 degrees lower than the main level. You should also consider the location of your refrigerator.

     According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, refrigerators and freezers with automatic defrost systems (most current models) are sensitive to the surrounding air temperature. Temperatures below 60 degrees can affect the amount of time the compressor runs, thereby affecting your food. If you are considering setting your home temperature below 60 degrees, check the refrigerator/freezer manufacturer’s use and care manual, to make sure you maintain a temperature that will keep your food from spoiling. Also consider having someone check on your house while you are away. If they are only checking once a week, you may want to set the thermostat higher than if they are checking twice a week.